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WGA Annual Pancake Breakfast Event "Pieces-of-Eight PANCAKES" at the West Bend Cache Ba$h

  • Regner Park 1001-1099 Park Ave West Bend, WI, 53090 United States (map)

The Wisconsin Geocaching Association is happy to host the annual pancake breakfast at the West Bend Cache Ba$h

This weekend you've searched for hidden treasure, walked the plank, spent your doubloons, fought off scurvy pirates, hobbled around on your peg leg, and worked up a huge appetite. Come on over and help support the Wisconsin Geocaching Association and eat some pieces-of-eight pancakes.

Shiver me timbers! Thar be pancakes on the grill!
Time:Sunday, August 9th 7:30 am to 10:00 am* (you must purchase your plate by 10:00, we will continue serving a little after that)
(*time subject to change – you will be notified in advance if this occurs)

Breakfast Cost: $5 for adults (13 years and older), $3 for children 6-12, and free for children under 6.

The breakfast includes:

  •  Pancakes… lots of them
  •  Breakfast sausage (* a reasonable limit will be placed on sausage consumption to control costs)
  •  Beverage of your choice, including coffee, orange juice, milk, tea, and cocoa
  •  Fresh fruit such as bananas and oranges

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