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2nd Annual Geocaching/Hiking Event - Felsenmeer

  • County Hwy W Weyerhaeuser, WI, 54895 United States (map)

26 people attended this years event. We removed an entire truckload of garbage. More information about the event and following adventure will be posted to my blog very soon. Thank you for the the great job and making this an exciting event. 

 Blue Hills Felsenmeer

Blue Hills Felsenmeer


April 25th and 26th is the CITO Weekend. In case you haven’t heard, CITO stands for Cache In Trash Out. It’s the geocacher’s approach to keeping our game board (i.e. the entire planet) in great shape. On the weekend of April 25 and 26, geocachers around the globe will gather together, pick up trash, remove invasive species, repair trails and more—plus earn a pretty sweet new souvenir.

The parking area at the end of slack road gets pretty well trashed and we will clean up the immediate area around the Slack Road Parking Area to make it look inviting again.

Event time will start at 10:00 and end at 10:45 am leaving plenty of time after the cleaning to get some geoaching in after the event. Location is at the end of Slack Road off County Road W. Same place the Grundy Canyon Event was last year. It will be a great way for everyone to get together again after a long cold caching season. There are many options available for geocaching in the Blue Hills. There is the Blue Hills Trail with 386 geocaches. The Devils Kettle. Grundy Canyon. Rock Creek Felsenmeer. Harris Felsenmeer. Skink Mountain Felsenmeer and several un-named water falls in the area.

The main plan is to head into the Felsenmeer at 10:46 after the CITO Event. As with last year the CITO Event does go on throughout the day as we hike but that is not "Officially an Event". It is just geocachers seeing great sites, having a great time and making the area a little better then we found it. Bring a pack lunch if you like because there are very few places to get a bite to eat other than some wild spring onions.

Depending on time and yearning we may also swing down into Grundy Canyon to grab some of the newer caches placed after last years event. I found another very small waterfall and placed my first multi there. The water flows over a very unique stream bed of solid bedrock. 

  Streambed of Solid Bedrock near  Little Falls

 Streambed of Solid Bedrock near  Little Falls

Just a very small sample of a very large unique area that offers quite the adventure. I will post the rest and many more picture after the event.