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2nd Annual Moonlit Snowshoeing Event

Event starts at 6:30 pm and ends at 7:00 pm. Location is on the corner of 14th and Poor Farm Road. At the end of the socializing - hot chocolate party event,  a group of us are going to follow the snowshoeing loop around the Rockman's Forest. I know it is national pi day but pi will not be provided but you will get a virtual Pi day souvenir from for attending this event.

I have already scouted the area and it is perfect. There are also some nice big caches and ammo cans that can be found. Last year we made a bunch of Hot chocolate and nobody drank any so I think this year it would be best to bring your own if you want some. I am just going to stop at one of the convenience stores for mine. Make sure you bring a head-lamp and get ready to have some fun.