Five Man Cave - Blue Hills - Rusk County

Updated. I am going to start a new article named The legend of Five Man Cave. Starting a new article will allow me to update it with different recollections I gather. So far the best one is the thought that it might have had evidence the Inca, Mayan or Aztec traveled farther north than previously thought. If you know of any resources or have any info on Five Man Cave, I would greatly appreciate it. Please contact me at 

The link to the legend is

Five Man Cave is supposed to be 681 feet deep however the quartzite rocks where the cave is located rarely has deep caves, unlike those found in limestone. Back in the day mummified parts were found in the cave with some artifacts. It was found by a poacher that used its location as a bargaining chip to get off for violating. I hope I find a better story about this cave in the future. 

A video of the area is available on YouTube at Five Man Cave ***There are spoilers in the video.*** This is a very long video. I left a lot unedited this time because it was quite a find and if anything did happen and whatever happened didn't wreck the camera then at least there would be a record of what happened at "Six Man Cave!"  That reminds me of a joke, "Rectum! Damn near killed 'em!" Ha! Good times. Anyway.  I hope you enjoy this area. 

I went as far as I dared into the cave. I didn't want to run into a skunk or a bear when the only way out was through me. I did fight off 2 velociraptors, 1 facehugger, and 3 Aliens inside but hearing a scurrying noise was the last straw. There are several more caves in the area and you have to be very careful not to fall in some areas. 

For a guided tour visit Blue Hills Tours for pricing and info. 

Here is the link to the geocache I placed. It is a premium cache named Five Man Cave. As more information comes available as I explore this area I will keep this page updated. I think I found an easier route in and will add it as soon as I get a chance to check it out in the Spring.