Gundy's Canyon Tour - Leaf it to Rusk 2015

The weather was perfect for a nice 5 mile jaunt through Gundy's Canyon. Along the way we saw Little Falls Slip and Slide, Cascading Waterfall, Gundy's Canyon and Gundy's Felsenmeer. After Gundy's Canyon a few of us went in to check out the Devil's Kettle and the Devil's Canyon. I enjoyed everyone's company along the way and special thanks to James for bringing up the rear. 

Normally Gundy's Canyon about a 4 mile hike but when you walk around to check things out and take pictures it is surprising how it adds an extra mile. 

Thanks to the Arlene Knops of the Greater Ladysmith Area Chamber of Commerce for getting everyone together for this hike and bringing up our lunches. She can be reached at 715-532-7328. 

For more information about our tours in the Blue Hills check us out here Blue Hill Tours 

See you on the trail and have fun.