Gundy's Canyon Cascading Waterfall

Ahhhh. What a beautiful little hidden gem in an already fascinating area. If, you know the right  place to look.  This is the location of my very first hide. Gundy's Canyon, Cascading Waterfall 

TN Mein Liebchen and me found this place cutting right through the brush from the Devil's Kettle. I have been here before many years ago but always from private land. That access had been closed off so off we went to find it.  Our total trip that day was 8.5 miles of bushwhacking in some tough terrain and only a small bottle of water.  What a day! What a great place for a cache. 

This is video 2 of 4 in Gundy's Canyon Summer Series. I hope you enjoy this more extensive view of the Cascading Waterfall. This is one of my favorite places to go and I am happy to share it with you.