Another Great Use for Multi-caches. Gundy Canyon, Little Falls Slip and Slide

Use a multi-cache to lead geocachers through an area that they might just skip over. Traditional geocaches have to be 528 feet apart and wouldn't work in an area like this. In this instance, I wanted to show geocachers another feature that was only 300 feet away.

Here is the first of several videos focusing on the unique features in Gundy Canyon. Gundy Canyon is located in the Blue Hills on the western edge of  Rusk County. One thing I have found myself in is the debate of it being Grundy Canyon or Gundy Canyon. I grew up calling it Gundy Canyon but according to State documents and Topographic maps it is Grundy Canyon so I adopted Grundy Canyon as the name. There is very little information known about the area so it is hard to research it to get a direct link to a proper name. 

I will keep on looking until I can find out what is this canyons proper name and why. 

The Premium Geocache in this area was my first Multi-cache named  Gundy Canyon, Little Falls Slip and Slide GC55N2G 

The first stage is directly above Little Falls and the second stage is about 300 feet away at the Slip and Slide. This is a 4 difficulty, 4 terrain cache and I did recently add a hint. 

I hope you enjoy this first video of a lesser known area I found near Gundy (Grundy) Canyon. Boy! It is going to take me a long time to revert back to the old name!