2nd Annual Geocaching / Hiking Event - Blue Hills Felsenmeer GC5M7Y6

It was a perfect day to get out and enjoy the Blue Hills. Our event started at 10:00 am on Saturday April 25th, 2015. This year we met at the end of Slack Road off County Road W located in Weyerhauser. Before the event even started several cachers already had a couple bags full of trash they picked up along the road and trails on their way to the event.  There was not an abundance of small trash in our main clean up area this year but there was a whole truckload of junk like: a microwave, screen door, hose and reel. We loaded it all up into my truck for disposal. As we go on through out the day we pick up any trash we find, even miles deep to make the area a little bit better then we found it. This year I am pleased to say there were only a few bags of trash brought out of the felsenmeer compared to the amount of trash we hauled out of Grundy Canyon last year. 

After the clean up commenced, it was time to explore the Blue Hills. Some had small children and went on there own path to check out the Devils Kettle but the majority of us went adventuring to the Blue Hills Felsenmeer.  One group did carry a 2 year old all the way to the Cobble Stone Path. 

The trails leading along the top of the ridge were much less moist then on my pre-event hike April 11th. We left the trail heading down one of the many small tributaries leading to Rock Creek. After some mild bushwhacking over a rocky terrain we made it to One Log Falls GC5Q09Z. West of One Log Falls is a small grove of large white pines watching over the creek. Nice place to take a quick break and look for a cache.

As we followed down the creek, springs added to its flow. Just the start of some Marsh Marigolds sprouting up, soon to bloom. We found an old logging road starting to grow in. The  road lead us up and around, then back down to the creek. You could smell the pungent odor as Bob snacked on a wild spring onion. Lunch had come too soon.

A quick jump over the creek we continued on down the a trail muddy with water running down from the Big Hill to the West GC5Q099 .  Some trout lilies and spring beauties lining our path. 

Spring Beauties 

Lunch was taken on the cusp of the Blue Hills Felsenmeer. What a discovery lies ahead as not one person but me has yet to see. 

Like lemmings we worked our way down through a fern laden  forest.

Alas The Blue Hills Felsenmeer!

After the felsenmeer we worked our way down to the Garter Snake Glen GC5Q095.

And then up, up and around through a very Tough Section GC5RE4P

We definitely needed  a breather after a quick ascent that went from 1,345 feet  to 1,655 feet.

Total trip: 6.65 miles, 620 feet of descent, 687 feet of ascent. Seeing the Blue Hills Felsenmeer with a great group of friends ....