The Legend of Five Man Cave


Way back in the 50's a man was arrested for poaching game. A significant amount of game that got him arrested and remanded in jail. He attained a lawyer to get a better deal.  A rumor was heard that the accused was using artifacts from a cave he found to pay his lawyer. 

An undercover agent was placed in his cell to see if he could gather more information.  The agent befriended the man and was told about a deep cave located on the north side of the Weirgor Trout Stream. East of Spring Creek and south of the Seerly Camp Trail. 

Inside the cave, the man found gold artifacts and five bodies preserved in beeswax. It was thought that if they found such a cave it might prove the Aztecs traveled much farther north than previously believed. 

Using this information, people were assembled together along with a large group of Boy Scouts that combed the area in search of this cave. 

The cave was never found. 

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Well there you have it,  I paraphrased the information I have gotten so far. I am not judging the merits of the legend just trying to put it all together the best I can to get the most complete story. I would be lying if I have I told you I have not been fact checking the validity of some details. I have heard both Incan and Aztecs as the possible source of the mummies but I have to go with Aztecs because it would not have been Incas,  Also the use of beeswax in mummification.

I will continue to update this legend as more information becomes available or add new ones if they are significantly different. Please contact me if you have any information pertaining to Five Man Cave in the Blue Hills, Rusk County, Wisconsin.