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 Updated 7/10/17

Updated 7/10/17

 Out with TN Elliephant grabbing some island caches before an Island Geocaching Event. 

Out with TN Elliephant grabbing some island caches before an Island Geocaching Event. 


Adventure BLOG

I will be posting an article or video every 2 weeks to 4 weeks depending on the size of the project.  I want to share unique places with you.  You are not the only one cursed with not being able to leave what is behind the next bend undiscovered.  

It is hard to find proofreaders to help me, so feel free to have at it if you like. I will edit my articles until they are right. It is funny how you  can read something over and over again until you can't read it again and just hit publish. But once you read it again a week later you wonder how you could have missed this at it pokes you in the eye that needs changing. 

You can comment and leave feedback at the bottom of each blog post. You can also sign-up on the right side of the blog page to get an email of new blog posts.  

Blue Hills Tours

There are so many unique features up in the Blue Hills that few know about and they are all unmarked. I have gone out in search of these neat locations and have found a few new ones off the beaten path like the Lost Waterfall and Hemlock Creek Canyon.  Blue Hills Tours will allow me to take people off the beaten path and into these unique features to explore. 


I will be adding past events to the event page with galleries and videos for reference. Quite a few event goers  are not on Facebook and this will allow them to see the event photos.

    Team Northwoods and TN Mein Liebchen


Team Northwoods and TN Mein Liebchen

About Team Northwoods

I live in Bruce, WI, work full time and am 1 of 9  Elected Board Members of the Wisconsin Geocaching Association. The Wisconsin Geocaching Association now has over 642 members. My wife TN Mein Liebchen also works 5 days a week opposite of me so we both can watch our little 4 year old TN Elliephant.   Whom loves to destroy and get into everything the minute I try to sit down at the computer.  She loves to bushwhack through the woods and will someday be a great adventurer if she keeps up her love working her way through the thick stuff. She has finally broken over 50 words and I still have no idea what she is trying to say half the time.  I hope one day I can harness her energy. 

It has been a challenging to find the time but I am excited to bring this site to you. 


Donations will be used content development, event hosting and conservation. If you would like to donate items such as ammo cans, containers, and event items please contact me at the email below or click this link

AD Free Website

Nope but I tried for a long time but I had to include ads on the website in order to help pay for web hosting and expenses like that.  I liked it without them but hopefully the ads will help raise some funds (if they ever place an ad that is relevant).

If you have any questions, comments or advice please feel free to contact me at