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Ready for an adventure? There are many unique features up in the Blue Hills and they are all unmarked and some are miles deep. Don't worry about getting lost or miss out on any hidden features along the way. Plan your guided Blue Hills Tour today. Visit Grundy/Gundy's Canyon, Devil's Kettle, Blue Hills Felsenmeer, Five Man Cave, The Lost Waterfall and many more.

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What has always impressed me about the Blue Hills is how these unique features just jump out at you once you get there.  What may look like just a vast hardwood forest opens up into a sea of rocks, canyon or, if you know the correct routes, a waterfall.  You will truly enjoy these areas and I can't wait to share them with you. 

You should plan for a half day.  Some trips can be done in a few hours or less but once you get in there you will want to look around, take some pictures and enjoy the area. 

Blue Hills Felsenmeer - Sea of Rocks 

A nice walk along a spring fed creek, through hardwoods and down a few old trails.  We will be heading down to this extraordinary feature and back up and out. Pictures can just not give justice to the magnitude of the Blue Hills Felsenmeer. 

Approx. 3 Miles - Moderate Terrain


Grundy / Gundy's Canyon

With a Blue Hills Tour,  you will get to see some hidden gems in Gundy's Canyon.  We will visit Little Falls - Slip and Slide, Grundy Canyon Flats, Cascading Waterfall, Grundy Felsenmeer, and, of course, Grundy Canyon. Total trip is around 5 miles. 

Approx. 5 Miles.  Some Rough Terrain to see it all. 




Devil's Kettle, Pepper Canyon and Skink Falls

Approx. 3 miles. There can be some difficult terrain.  Main features are: Sandstone Cliffs, Skink Falls, Devil's Kettle and Devil's Canyon.   

 Don't get cabin fever this winter and enjoy this  great place on snowshoes. 


Five Man Cave

Approx. 3 miles. Mostly mild terrain except if you want to get down to the cave than it is a bit tougher but all in all, mild terrain. 

Spring Creek Felsenmeer

Approx. 4 miles. - Bushwhacking to stay out of water filled and muddy old logging roads. 

Lost Waterfall

Lost Waterfall is approx. 2.5 miles. Generally mild terrain.  A nice walk in the woods. 


Each hiking tour is $249 plus tax.
Group rates for schools and other public educational facilities will be sponsored by Team Northwoods Communications at no cost to the school.

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Each hiker is required to fill out the waiver at the bottom of this page. Each hike is considered half a day. Hikes range from 2 miles to 5.5 miles depending on the desired location and route.   If you have any questions please give me a call at 715-868-8326. I will walk you through the options and provide more information.  


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